Terms and Conditions



We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. No increase will apply retrospectively or after we have provided a quotation. You will be given a minimum of 30 days notice prior to your renewal date of any changes should you wish to make alternative arrangements.



Unless agreed otherwise, all design work is completed in a development environment and only published to a live environment when approved by the customer.


Contact Email Address

It is your responsibility to ensure that we are advised of any new or changed email address for the purpose of contacting or invoicing you. We invoice by emai only, postal invoices are not offered. If we cannot contact you because you have failed to provide an up to date email address or you do not reply, the Domain will be returned to the public domain if the renewal fee remains unpaid 28 after of our invoice date or your renewal date whichever is the later.



We will invoice renewals a month in advance of the renewal date.  We automatically renew domain names unless there is a history of late payments, where we may elect not to offer renewal - in which case you will be advised of such and it will be your sole responsibility to organise a transfer out. If you do not organise a transfer out, the domain will be returned to the public domain on the renewal date.



It is the Registrants responsibility to be aware of the renewal date and to advise us in advance of this if you do not wish to renew. A minimum of 5 working days notice prior to the renewal date is required. Failure to notify us before will result in automatic renewal of the Domain and the amount stated on our invoice for the Domain element of it will be payable. We will use best efforts to contact you to establish renewal intention if we do not hear from you prior to renewal to avoid unnecessary expense to you and us.


Transfer Out

If at any time you wish to cancel or transfer the domain, 7 days written notice originating from an email address known to us is required. Transfers out will be administered promptly and free of charge providing your account is not in arrears. If the account is in arrears, a 30+VAT administration fee will apply, which is to be paid by cleared funds before a domain will be released. No refunds are available for the unexpired portion of the term.


Late Payments

In the event of non-payment within 28 days of our invoice, registrations will be deemed not to have been renewed and may be cancelled and returned to the public domain. You will be given a final reminder approximately 5 days before a domain is returned.


Google Search Engine Listings

If we host your website, we will work with you to identify appropriate Keywords, Description and Title of your website and make ONE free submission to Google Search Engine to request inclusion. We offer no guarantee of success of our request or otherwise. You may request your own listing here. We do not offer a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Service, nor is any charge made for such a service in any of our fees.


Terms & Conditions last updated 1st February 2016